Why choose Langsheng Exchange among many foreign exchange companies?

  • Langsheng Exchange is the leading licensed dealer in the remittance service in Hong Kong and the United States. It is a registered institution in the financial supervision center of Hong Kong and the United States. The company's professional qualifications and reputation quality have been recognized by the Financial Supervisory Commission of Hong Kong and the United States. Foreign exchange settlement institution, financial network architecture global.
  • Real-time synchronous transactions, over-the-counter withdrawals, no handling fees, zero waiting, and 100% protection of customer funds.
  • Customers can sign a remittance power of attorney to ensure that they arrive home safely.
  • We have in-depth research on the legal channels and related risks of RMB entry and exit, and provide the best foreign exchange solutions for the wealth globalization of families and enterprises.
  • Provide you with tax planning, asset transfer and resettlement solutions, so that you can avoid all tax troubles.
  • There is no limit on the amount of international remittance through our company.

What are the main business areas of Langsheng currency exchange and remittance?

  • Please refer to the service type category on the website homepage.

What is the process for making a large remittance? What precautions?

  • Please refer to the large remittance section of the website homepage for all details.

How many currency exchange services does Langsheng Exchange involve?

  • Involves the exchange of mainstream currencies around the world such as RMB, US dollar, Hong Kong dollar, Canadian dollar, Japanese yen, Taiwan dollar, euro, British pound, Singapore dollar, etc.

What RMB transfer payment methods can customers have?

  • Payment of any amount by customers can be done by online transfer, mobile banking or over-the-counter remittance. Customers only need to contact us to request or confirm the corresponding account information before remittance to pay.

What are the requirements for customer cash payments and withdrawals?

  • If a customer only conducts cash exchange business in domestic currency or foreign currency below a certain limit, and withdraws the equivalent foreign currency or domestic currency cash, the customer can directly exchange without registering a customer. If you need to carry out a certain amount or more of domestic currency or foreign currency cash exchange business, you need to register a customer before proceeding to the next step of exchange. The limit value is different according to the regulations of each country, please consult your corresponding Langsheng foreign exchange department for details.

Already a registered customer, how to conduct remote transactions?

  • If your foreign exchange business does not involve cash receipt and payment, you do not need to visit the Langsheng foreign exchange branch every time to conduct foreign exchange transactions. You can contact your Langsheng foreign exchange branch by phone or WeChat and have our customers Service representatives help you complete foreign exchange transactions. Langsheng Currency Exchange only contacts and provides services to registered customers, and does not accept any form of third-party authorization and agency.

How long does it take for an international remittance to arrive?

  • As long as you fill in the correct information and complete the remittance as required, the arrival time is within 1-12 hours, with an average of 6 hours. Therefore, please wait patiently for remittance customers. It is normal for each payment to arrive at a slightly different time.

How long is the exchange rate of Langsheng exchange rate valid? Can the remittance be booked and then credited in advance or the next day?

  • All exchange rate quotations are subject to the same day, all payments are only subject to the same day, and all accounts are subject to the same day. If the payment is not made in accordance with our company's requirements, or the remittance form, amount, remarks, type of remittance to the account, etc. are not filled in according to our instructions, our company will not be responsible for any consequences. Please confirm with our customer service representatives again and again before remittance exchange.

What should the customer do if the customer does not receive the payment made by Langsheng exchange in time?

  • If your beneficiary does not receive the payment from Langsheng Exchange in time, please contact us as soon as possible with the remittance contract. Langsheng Exchange will find out the reason why the payment has not arrived and solve the problem as soon as possible.

Can a confirmed foreign exchange contract be cancelled?

  • After the customer accepts our exchange rate and confirms the transaction, Langsheng Exchange will complete the background transaction synchronously in the international foreign exchange market, and the customer cannot cancel or change the transaction contract that has been completed. If you need to cancel the transaction or settle part of it for various reasons, you can only hedge against the unsettled transaction at that time by making an opposite new transaction according to the real-time exchange rate. Or make up the deposit, fine, etc. as the loss in the process of our settlement transaction, and the deposit will not be refunded or exchanged. For those with malicious nature, Langsheng Exchange will pull them into a permanent blacklist and will not provide any exchange services for life.

If the customer provides exchange intention, how to obtain relevant exchange rate and foreign exchange information?

  • Customers can consult with our customer service representatives through our website, telephone, WeChat account or physical store to learn about relevant exchange rates and foreign exchange market consultation, and help you choose the best exchange time. When the time is right, you can contact us and arrange the transfer and exchange follow-up.

I am a business immigrant, what are the currency exchange solutions?

  • A Chinese entrepreneur client, after completing the preliminary business immigration application procedures, is faced with specific matters such as re-starting a business, buying a house, and children's education in the immigrant country, and needs to invest a lot of money to meet the requirements of business immigration. The customer chose Langsheng Exchange's offshore RMB and multi-location and multi-currency global exchange services, and completed the purpose of the centralized reorganization of assets in the immigrant country within the specified time. In the process, Langsheng Exchange not only saves the customer's money transfer A large amount of foreign exchange costs, simplified transfer procedures, insight into foreign exchange market fluctuations, and at the same time sorting out all transaction contracts and other relevant immigration legal documents for customers. It avoids the customer's worries about poor communication and incomplete legal documents in all aspects of transferring funds through other channels, helping customers to successfully pass the final immigration approval and the whole family to settle overseas happily.

I am a corporate trade, what are the exchange solutions?

  • After customers who have been engaged in international trade for a long time choose Langsheng Exchange for multi-currency settlement, with the help of Langsheng foreign exchange professional team, the problem of delayed remittance to the account or even the inability to be credited and refunded due to lack of experience has been effectively reduced. . Moreover, accurate settlement is completed through services such as offshore RMB exchange by Langsheng, which greatly reduces the deduction expenses of intermediary banks, and realizes the high-speed operation of inherent funds and shortens the trade cycle. Compared with before choosing Yitong, customers use the same Cash flow completes more business activities.

I am an overseas student, what are the exchange solutions?

  • Overseas students will face foreign exchange problems when they go abroad. Langsheng Exchange understands that most of the study abroad expenses are the hard savings of parents. Over the years, Langsheng Exchange has been committed to assisting the families of overseas students, providing convenient, fast, safe and reliable exchange and remittance services for RMB and multiple currencies, so that tuition and living expenses can be paid in time, students can focus on their studies, and parents can worry less. However, the international students who chose the Langsheng foreign exchange service in the past few years completed their studies, worked and earned income, and then continued to regularly transfer money to their parents through the Langsheng foreign exchange exchange to fulfill their filial piety and repay the kindness of upbringing. Longsheng Exchange has witnessed the growth of countless overseas students and was moved by them!

I am a traveler abroad, what are the exchange solutions?

  • Whether you are traveling abroad, studying abroad or on a business trip, you need to purchase a certain amount of the currency of the target country. It is also the foreign currency cash you bring back from abroad. Langsheng Exchange will wholeheartedly provide you with safe and fast foreign currency exchange services, the best exchange rate, no commission fees, and a variety of currencies that cannot be exchanged by banks to choose from. Customers avoid the trouble of exchanging foreign currency during the journey and the problem of poor exchange rates and high costs in airports, scenic spots and other places, making the journey easier and more perfect.

I am an overseas Chinese, what is the exchange solution?

  • Chinese compatriots who have immigrated overseas or have lived overseas for a long time will maintain certain contacts with their family members, relatives and friends in China, and have economic exchanges to varying degrees. For many years, the offshore RMB service provided by Langsheng Exchange has provided Chinese compatriots with high exchange rate, high efficiency, low cost and accurate remittance to the designated account of customers, and solved countless urgent needs for customers' family members, relatives and friends in China. Lots of love and affection. One of the major things that immigrant overseas Chinese will face is buying a house. Whether it is the first time to buy a house for self-occupation, or to purchase and upgrade a self-occupied home again, or an investment property other than self-occupation, it is necessary to make reasonable arrangements for funds. Many of these clients attended property auctions on weekends and won their favorite properties, but the final price was a section higher than their budget. However, customers actively prepare funds in China on weekends, or directly use their own deposits, or are funded by their family members, or temporarily seconded by relatives and friends. They choose the offshore RMB service provided by Langsheng Exchange at noon on Monday, and the funds are in place in the evening and the deposit is paid as agreed. Avoid missing out on your dream property due to budget constraints.