Facilitate the global turnover of your funds

Through Langsheng's comprehensive payment network, we are committed to helping you achieve cost-effective withdrawals and payments, accelerating your global growth



Manage domestic and foreign funds in 130 countries around the world and expand your business scope around the world.


high speed

With intelligent auto-routing technology, businesses are provided with the best path to capital.


low cost

Connect directly to local payment networks around the world, reducing the number of intermediary banks and reducing fees.

Connecting the world without barriers

smart and direct

Through intelligent automatic routing algorithm, find the best path for your funds and eliminate unnecessary intermediate costs

Safety and Compliance

Work with the world's leading compliance service providers to keep your funds safe with best-in-class security practices

batch and efficient

You can automate payment processing through Longsen batch payment - thousands of transactions processed in seconds

Global Payment Network

We work closely with many banks around the world to graft local payment capabilities to further reduce costs and improve timeliness for you